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The Meaning of Taekwon-Do

Taekwon-Do literally means Tae( Foot) Kwon(Hand ) Do ( The art or the way).It should be noted that for many centuries the relationship between the acquisition of martial arts and the necessity of using these skills in a mature and the necessity of using these skills in a mature and responsible way has been taught. Unfortunatly, because of the commercialization of the martial arts and the accelerated exportation of Instruction caused by increased popularity; it seems that this concept has not always been received sufficient emphasis. Taekwon-Do should not be practiced solely as fighting technique. In order to make effective use of the fundamental techniques and maximum development of the taekwon-Do athlete, the philosophical aspect of Taekwon-Do as an art of self defense must be recognized and must play a prominent role.

Traditional Taekwon-Do is purely a martial art and student should train with a proper attitude. Even though one self defense object of Taekwon-Do is inflict devastating damage on an opponent with a single blow, stronger emphasis should be placed on the spiritual side of the martial art rather than on the physical techniques. Proper training must apply to the body and the spirit in conjunction. One should be that the traditional system of Taekwon-Do places an emphasis on the character building aspect of the activity with respect for ones opponent as a cardinal principal. Ideals should be taught to the students such as honesty, Integrity, Perseverance, self control and Indomitable Spirit.. Consequently, a true follower of Taekwon-Do should strive for perfection in both the philosophical and physical aspects of the art. This will not diminish but enhance the individual’s ability in the execution of Taekwon-do techniques in practice, competition, or self defense.

The utmost purpose of Taekwon-Do is to eliminate fighting by discouraging the aggressor’s oppression of the weaker with a power that must be based on humanity, justice, wisdom and faith, thus helping to build a more peaceful world.

All men, regardless of age, have felt that is a shame and have lamented that they cannot live as long as the pine trees or the turtles that seem to live a thousand years. Righteous men, on the other hand, deplore the fact that justice does not always triumph over tyranny of power. There are ways to deal with this problem: one through mental; discipline, and two, through physical training.

Taekwon-Do as the way of life

The following philosophy and guidelines are to be considered the cornerstone by which all serious Teakwon-Do students are encouraged to live by:
1. Be willing to give where the going be tough and do the things that are worth doing even though they are difficult.
2. Be gentle to the weak and tough to the strong.
3. Be content with what you have in money and position but never in skills.
4. Always finish what you begin, be it large or small.
5. Be a willing teacher to anyone regardless of religion, race or ideology.
6. Never yield to repression of threat in the pursuit of noble cause.
7. Teach attitude and skill with action rather than words
8. Be yourself even though your circumstances may change.
9. Be the eternal teacher who teaches with the body when young, with words when old and by moral precept even after death


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